Thursday, December 25, 2008

Wow, can you believe I have not posted for so long? So much has happened since November 7th! Larry and I went on a trip - a 14 day cruise out of San Juan, Puerto Rico! We flew in and stayed in San Juan for a few days before the cruise, just looking around and enjoying the wonderful warm weather. Needless to say, we had an absolutely terrific time!! But then we had to come back to this white stuff that some people seem to like. You know, I don't usually mind the snow so much as the ice and the white-outs. Yesterday here in Michigan we had rain all day - Christmas Eve, and it rained all day. Saturday is supposed to be about 50 degrees with rain, maybe thunderstorms. Last night we got a bit more snow, which we found when we left church after our Christmas Eve Candlelight Service -- one of my very favorite services of the year, by the way. We drove around a bit and looked at some of the beautiful Christmas lights around town before coming home. The only problem with taking the cruise is that since we got home on Dec. 8th, neither of us have felt the best, and that really put a crimp on the Christmas decorations here. We just did not feel like messing with the many, many totes full of the decorations we have collected over the years. Next year, huh!! I also did not get all my Christmas cards mailed .... so I am now making some New Year's cards to send ... just hope I get them mailed out real soon, or I will be making and sending Valentine's!!! Today, Christmas Day, we enjoyed spending part of the day at daughter Pam's house with her, Craig and the 3 boys. Homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast (a "Pam" tradition), opening gifts and then a delicious ham dinner. Josiah got a new laptop, so he gave me his old one, which is not old at all ... just too slow for him with all his music, pictures, games and such. So I am one happy camper tonight -- I just need to call my internet provider (Charter) and see what I have to do to connect it. I hope and pray you are all having a super-duper Christmas season, and remember now, as every day of the year, that Jesus really is the reason -- for this blessed season and for every day of the year!! Merry Christmas to one and all, Sassy Shirley

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