Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bows, Bows, and more Bows

What fun it is to make these bows!!  My good friend Shari taught me how to make them and now I can't stop!  I did change my directions a bit to make a fuller bow - hers were more like flowers but I wanted bows.   You know me, I have to change things once I follow directions.  I even had to buy a bigger tote to hold them all .... but won't they look wonderful on my packages!  I've made way over 30 so far ... and now I need to make a bunch for Christmas.  Just so you know, I used retired Stampin' Up! DSP for all my bows - another great way to use up that big box of retired SU papers!!

They are so easy too - but be warned, making them are addicting!!

Materials:  Glue Dots or Dimensionals; SNAIL Adhesive; Sticky Strip and/or Glue Dots, Brads; 1/16" Circle Punch; 6" x 12" piece Double Sided DSP’’

Cut DSP as follows:  Cut into three pieces, each 4”x6”.  Cut two of those pieces into strips 1”x6”, giving you 8 strips.  On the last large piece, cut 1” off the short end, giving you a 1”x4” strip.Cut the remainder into four strips, 1”x5”.  You should now have:1 strip 1”x4”, 8 strips 1”x6”, 4 strips 1”x5”.

Put four of the 1”x6” strips facing the same pattern up.  Put adhesive on one end of each.  Twist each piece into a loop, attaching one end of a strip to the other side of the other end ...  like if you put an "A" on one end and a "B" on the other side of the other end, then twist and adhere "A" to "B" .... like this:

Hope this picture helps - sometimes the twisting doesn't look right, so I undo and re-loop, so play with it.  Also, I have found where you put the ends together makes a difference in how your bow looks, so experiment.

Do the same for 3 more of your longer strips, then punch a hole in the bottom of each loop and attach the four together with a brad or with some SNAIL to hold them in position.  Repeat the above steps with the other 4 strips of 1"x6", but flip the papers over first to show the other pattern.  Note:  I punch my hole near the edge on the first group, a bit farther up on the next group of 4 loops and a little farther up on the other group of loops - this helps them to next a bit easier.

 Add a few Glue Dots or some Sticky Strip to the inside of the two bows and adhere together, altering the direction of the loops. Make a smaller bow with all 4 of the 1”x5” strips, putting your favorite pattern on the inside.  Punch holes and add brad.  Add Glue Dots or Sticky Strip as before, working the bows together - it's a tight squeeze .... Roll the 1”x4” into a circle loop with your favorite side out.  Adhere with Sticky Strip in the center.  

And there's your bow ... now wasn't that fun??!!!  Let me know if you have any questions and I will do my best to answer.  My email is .... so send me pix of your bows!!

Another option:  If you look closely at the turquoise and gray bow at the top of the picture, you will see that I used all one side for the longer loops, then the other side for the 1"x5" loops.

And here's another picture - I don't particularly like the other side of this retired paper, so I made the whole bow with one side of the DSP.  And it's Christmas paper (well, snowflakes are close enough!)

Hope and pray you are well, and your family also.  My hubby had two procedures done yesterday now he sees another doctor next week to see when the next surgery is, as they had to wait for these results.  We would appreciate your prayers and kind thoughts as we go thru all this.

Not sure I will get a post done for tomorrow, so be sure to come back on Saturday for our last (boo hoo) BLOG HOP for the year ... maybe I better find another group to hop with monthly so I post more often, huh!

God Bless and have a most excellent day!!  Enjoy your creative side every day!

Hugs, Sassy Shirley


Carey said...

How cute. Aren't those fun to make? I made them for both my roomies and put them on their can of frosting. However, the airport wouldn't let me take the frosting on the plane. I guess they thought I might hurt someone by frosting them to death? Oh well, better safe than sorry. Yours look a lot fluffier than mine but I notice you didn't make your ends as pointed as mine were. I will try making them less pointy.

Hugs Carey and licks Roscoe

Debbie Peterson said...

They look great Shirley! Do you want to make more for me?

Rose said...

Thank you so much for sharing this! I needed a bow for a wedding gift today and this was perfect!!!! I'd show you a pic if I could but it doesn't scan well and I don't have a camera I know how to download from. I am going to do this as a class project-again, thank you-

Patrice H said...

Shirley you did such a great job with these bows. I could follow your directions very easily and will make some for the suture !!!! THANKS for the inspiration my friend!

PS You and your Husband are in my thoughts and Prayers. God is Good and very Faithful He loves us so!

PSS I loved your Lattice Folding too!