Monday, August 8, 2011

Lattice Folding is Fun!!

Hello on Monday ... I have been busy making some things, so hopefully I will have time this week to get some new posts for you.  My hubby has a surgical procedure on Wednesday so I will be taking care of him that day and making him comfortable and feeling loved.  That's my job, you know, and I do love it!

Today's post is 3 Lattice Folding cards ... my friend Robin did an online class on how to do them but I just couldn't get my cards to look as great as hers, so I went back to my old faithful way.  I will keep trying, Robin - it's me, not you .... hope you enjoy these cards.

These are so easy when you do it this way ... if you have some Stampin' Up! Grid Paper, cut a section measuring 5" by 3 3/4".  This is the measurement for my cards because I matted them before attaching to the card.  If you don't want to mat, then cut accordingly to your card size.  If you don't have this paper, use graph paper or make a template - the squares are 1/4" apart.  On one edge of your template, draw a line from the first line diagonally to the 3rd square, then from the next square, draw a line diagonally to the 2nd square.  Repeat in this order down the page until you run out of squares.  Fold your template and your cardstock or designer paper in half, making sure you have a nice crisp fold - use your bone folder!!  Insert your unfolded edge of your paper inside your template folded edge and cut on the lines - how simple!  Make sure you are cutting the lines on the fold of your cardstock or designer paper.  The grid paper makes this soooo easy.  

When you are done cutting, unfold your paper and fold every other triangle up, continuing to the bottom.  
You will want to cut the top one off completely, saving it to attach to the bottom area.  

Tuck each corner under the next corner ... does that make any sense at all?  It will when you make your Lattice Folding card!!

This next card was made with Vellum and I added a strip of red and a strip of black underneath for a different effect, also adding a couple of black and red brads to the corners.  
If you have any questions, just ask and I will try to answer.  I am not the best teacher but I do love to play!!  I have seen cards that cut every other square (every 1/2" instead of 1/4") so you have bigger triangles and not as many.  I purposefully did not add embellishments or sentiments to the cards so you can see their beauty, but you can add whatever you want, wherever you want on your own cards.  Oh yeah, I almost forgot .... you can tape up the cut marks on your grid paper and reuse - over and over if you want!  lol

There are a lot of variations to this card - I hope you enjoyed this little lesson - please share your Lattice Folding cards with me at .... I will post all the cards here at a later date and I will draw a name from all the cards in my inbox by this Friday nite, August 12th and that person will receive a little something from me. 

And guess what .... this weekend is our next (and last) VC Blog Hop!!  Trust me, you will NOT want to miss it - some awesome ideas will be waiting for you on Saturday morning.  

Until next time, have fun being creative, take care and 
God Bless you, Shirley


Nichole said...

I missed the class, but this sure looks fun! I love your cards Shirley!!

Mary said...

These are great! I can't even score paper following directions so this is way beyond me!

Brandy said...

Wow, so this is what I missed! I haven't been to one VC class this summer! Stinkin' move :o) Hugs Miss Shirley!

Carey said...

These are fantastic. Mary if you can't even score paper you need the new Stampin' Up Simply Scored. This would make your lattice folding look very precise. Thanks for the idea Shirley and I think that this might be one of the things I do with my new toy. Take care of DH and yourself.

Carey and Roscoe

Patrice H said...

Oh Shirley these are amazing. I think you really did a great job with this project!

Chris Occhipinti said...

Wow, Shirley, these are simply gorgeous!!! Love them!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. I missed the class but plan on trying one this weekend from the hand out.

Ria Blackwell

Krafting Karen said...

thanks for the info on the lattice folding. Shirley I'm going to post your blog link on my blog. Keep up the great work!!!!

Holly / InkPaperStamps said...

Super cool, Shirley--TFS!

Brenda Hugar said...


Thanks so much for the directions. I tried the class once and was booted, so this really helps.


elaine said...

I missed the class so I'll have to try your tutorial. Thanks! The cards with the DSP look great with 2 colors.

Stace said...

Wow! Very nice. I will have to try to follow directions but it still looks hard to me.

Cynthia Ferenz said...

TFS! They look great!

CIndy Ferenz
Proud Parent of 2 Soldiers