Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday Morning Moanings .... or not

Well, it IS Monday morning, here in Michigan anyway.  I said on Saturday that I will have another post on Monday, so here it is.

We had a great weekend - Saturday was my hubby's birthday so we went out to breakfast, met friends there ... went out to lunch with other friends, and out to supper with family.  Didn't eat as much as we talked, thank goodness!  Sunday was church then potluck picnic!  Always, always fun and loaded with yummy food.  Got home from that and needed a nap, or at least a rest-time.   And now another week begins, filled with appointments, fun times, a little work around the house and who knows what else.

Since we had ABC (Anything But a Card) as our VC Blog Hop theme over the weekend, I have a couple other ideas to share, so here is today's ....

I just love, love, love to alter tins (like from Altoids, but you can buy them to alter) ... the options available are as big as your imagination - you should see what kids come up with!  Here are just a few I have made that I found sitting on my shelf.  I made a new one for a swap but it has not been delivered yet so I will wait on it until everyone has seen their box of ideas - Gifts for a Dollar was that theme.  These tins are yet another super way to use up bits of designer paper and odds and ends of embellishments .... 'cause, anything goes with these!!!

Here are two up-close so you can see some details. No big deal, really, but I know it's hard to see in the other pix.  Depending on the tin, I sometimes add grosgrain ribbon around the outside edge on the lid - it's just the right size width!! - but depending on the color of the tin, you may want to love it as it is. 
The fun part after altering the outside is deciding what to do with the inside - some I have added mini-office supplies (stapler and extra staples, scissors, binder clips, pen, pencil, tape dispenser, paper clips ... all small sizes of course.)  Some I cut pieces to fit inside and hooked them together using ribbons or twill tape, brads, etc. and use them as scrapbooks or to hold kind and gentle thoughts to help you get thru the day.  And of course, the ever popular Gift Cards just fit inside!!  Some I leave empty so the recipient can add what they want - little kids love them for "stuff" - funny thing, I used to ask everyone for empty boxes but I could not speak very well yet, so always said 'hempty' boxes ... my family still teases me about that!  Come to think of it, I still love boxes of all sorts - and my stamp room and the rest of the house look like it too. 

Oh yeah, I don't know if I have mentioned it before (or if you even believe it), but I am not a hoarder, just a pack rat with loads of items just waiting to be used and altered and such.   

Hope you enjoy this idea - try it and I really would love to see what you come up with.  Like I said, I will have a post later with my swap samples and then all the samples I receive - I did two sets, so should have 10 additional "Gifts for a Dollar" to show you!

Have a great day and may God Bless You and Yours!  Hugs, Shirley


Sue said...

I like your boxes. What adhesive do you use so the decorations stand up to use? Thanks.

June said...

Those are adorable. I like altering boxes and tins too. One of my favorite containers is empty Crystal Light tubes. They make great pencil holders.

StamperShirley said...

Sue, I usually use the Sticky Strip to hold the papers on, and Tombow glue for the embellishments. Hope that helps ... and thanx for your comments.